Strongest skateboard decks

Strongest Skateboard Decks

As you already probably know, the deck is one of the most vital parts of a skateboard. Being the main area where your body weight rests, the deck of your skateboard has to compliment your riding skills as well as your body weight perfectly. If you want to find out the strongest skateboard decks, this is the place.

I remember once accompanying a friend to purchase a skateboard. While he was engaged with the sales consultant, I stepped out to watch some folks practice on their boards. Right before my eyes, a middle aged man landed right at the center of his board with both feet, and it snapped in half.

Thankfully, he didn’t sustain any serious injuries but that scenario right there is what often results when a deck of poor quality is purchased. The strength and durability of a skateboard is very much dependent on the material used in its construction. The number of layers of the material that were combined to build the board also counts.

Before making that buy order, there are several factors to be taken into consideration. How much impact can the deck bear? Does my body weight compliment the size of the deck? These are vital issues to consider when choosing a skateboard for yourself.

In this article, we would walk you through the features of some of the strongest skateboard decks in the market, as well as some factors you should consider before making your choice.

What are the strongest Skateboard decks?

Lithe Slate 3

Strongest Skateboard Decks

Lithe has yet again stormed the market with one of the most durable and advanced skateboard decks ever — Slate 3. Slate 3 is made from different types of wood that are not only strong, but also light as well. More of the light weight woods are put in areas that receive less pressure. This allows for an optimal blend of balance and lets you ride with super comfort.

Due to its unique construction, Slate 3 decks are not only durable but also maintain high strength and pop. The top of the deck has an inlaid carbon fiber structure making this deck practically unbreakable. Carbon fiber is one of the toughest and lightest materials you would ever come across.

The sidewalls are also partially covered with a hybrid polymer which prevents chips and cracks. The same applies to the tail and nose which are reinforced using the same hybrid polymer. So technically, you can say goodbye to splinters and razor tails.

Another great feature of Slate 3 is the embedding of the graphics. Lithe utilized a specialized fusion printer to deeply embed the prints as such, you will be able to enjoy the graphics much longer compared to regular decks. The length of Slate 3 is about 32” and the width ranges from 7.8-8.5”.

On the downside though, Slate 3 is way more expensive than most regular decks. It goes for $199 but judging by all the benefits you stand to enjoy; I think it’s a pretty fair investment.

Santa Cruz VX

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The Santa Cruz skateboard brand is probably one of the oldest skateboard brands you will find around. Due to their several years of experience and quality delivery, they still maintain their position as one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market today.

The VX skateboard deck was introduced by Santa Cruz in 2019. It is a 5 ply Canadian Maple deck reinforced with two proprietary layers that are carbon fiber based. This largely accounts for its strength. Despite its 5 ply deck, as against the 7 ply standard, Santa Cruz claims the VX can withstand impact and repeated shocks several times better than any standard 7 ply deck.

In the long run, the VX deck has proven this to be true as the board is particularly known for its ability to withstand pressure cracks, even after several weeks of being used. Unlike Slate 3 however, the board isn’t razor tail resistant and one is bound to have splinters on the VX after a few weeks of riding.

When purchasing the VX, you will probably spend a little around $20 more than you would on a regular skateboard as the VX costs about $83. It has an average length of 31.67” and width of 8”.

Powell Peralta Flight Deck

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If you are a skateboarder looking for a skateboard that is light and durable, Powell Peralta’s Flight is probably the best choice for you.

The first detail you would notice about the Flight’s deck is its unique shape and wider size. The wider size results in a larger nose and tail which could get you a little worked up during the first few hours of skating. You should get over it in no time anyway.

The deck is made up of 5 maple wood layers interlaid with black epoxy. It also has two fiber glass layers (one above and one beneath) which makes the deck ultra strong. Despite the wider size, the deck is surprisingly light and is perfect for heavy skaters who break decks occasionally.

On the downside though, the fiber glass composite causes some really nasty splinters and razor tails. The wood used in between the carbon fiber layers are undoubtedly weak and could eventually result in a giant vertical crack. The deck costs $95 with average dimensions of 31.45” for the length, and 8” for its width.

Least I forget, the Flight deck has some really cool graphics. The shiny black background is imprinted with neon green which gives a great reflection of the artwork unit. What a delight to behold!

Choosing The Right Skateboard Deck

Having considered a few of the strongest skateboard decks you can find on the market today, let’s now look at some factors you should evaluate before choosing yours. You would need to inspect both the top and bottom sides and these are some of the key factors to look at:

1.     Length

Whichever deck length you opt for should be based on your riding preferences. The measure of the length of a skateboard deck is usually taken from its nose down to its tail. The average range is 28” to 32”. Short boards usually have a narrower profile compared to longer boards which tend to be wide.

If you are a short rider and love to do a few tricks, a short board with a narrow profile would be perfect for you. On the flip side, if you simply love to cruise round town to improve your balance and stability, then a wider board will be better suited for you.

2.     Width

Most skateboard decks fall within the range of 7.5-8.75” and just like with length, the choice of width all comes down to your riding style. If you are learning new skills, a wider deck would offer more room for your feet. On the other hand, narrow ones can do tricks much easier.

3.     Wheel Base

The wheel base of a skateboard deck is the distance between the two mounting holes drilled into the deck for the trucks. The range typically falls between 13” to 15”, but the desired distance is highly dependent on the rider’s height and personal choice. If you have a short stature, a narrow base will feel more comfortable while taller individuals prefer a wider wheel base.

4.     Nose & Tail

The nose is the front of the deck while the tail is the back of it. The nose of a well constructed skateboard deck should have a bigger kick while the tail should have a mellower kick.

While there are several other features of a skateboard that could be discussed, the information provided above would arm you with all that you should know in selecting one of the strongest skateboard decks, and ultimately choosing one that would suit your riding preferences perfectly.

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