best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Best Skateboard Manufacturers you can buy on Amazon

The thrill of skateboarding never really gets old. Whether you are a kid, teen, or an adult, the idea of being able to fly in the air and perform some tricks concurrently is really exciting! You would certainly love the feel of the board beneath your feet. Here’s our curated list of the best Skateboard manufacturers you can buy on Amazon.

However, how well you would perform certain tricks on your board would depend on how experienced a rider you are. The quality of the board you are riding would also affect your skating experience.

So the question you might be asking, particularly if you are a beginner goes something like: what’s the best skateboard brand I should buy?

Whether you want to start riding a brand because they have a great team of pro-skaters, or you simply like the graphics and logos of specific brands, you will find a board that suits your preferences from one of the brands we have discussed below.

Here are our top seven picks:

Best Skateboard Manufacturers you can buy on Amazon

Here’s a rundown of the best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on Amazon, though not in order of importance.

Element Skateboards

best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Having been in the business for over 28 years now, Element Skateboards is a popular brand that is now a master in the field of skateboard production. Based in California, the company has long earned its due repute of being able to come up with unique skateboard designs regularly.

Their skateboard decks are made of seven-ply maple that can withstand several months of rigorous riding and tricks. Though thick, its thickness doesn’t compromise the board’s flexibility. The ceramic bearings are also made up of strong steel material which accounts for their durability.

The board’s wheels are likewise made of strong urethane rubber, and they come in a variety of colors. Another feature that stands out for this brand is the pocket-friendliness of its products. By successfully combining quality and cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder why Element Skateboards rank first on our list of the best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on Amazon.

Aside from skateboards, they also produce a wide variety of sporting apparel such as tees, socks, and hoodies, as well as skateboard accessories like bearing lube, grip tapes, and the like. Should you perhaps wonder if their skateboard trucks come with hardware; you can also purchase their hardware sets to fix any issues that might come up while riding.  

Plan B Skateboards

best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Also based in California, USA, this skateboard company mostly deals in skateboard production and riding supplies. News has it that the brand’s production of sports apparel is currently in the works.

Just like any other skateboard company, Plan B has had its fair share of setbacks following the death of its founding fathers. Notwithstanding, the company bounced back a great deal and is now known as one of the best skateboard brands.

Their decks are made of seven-ply maple with minimal flex and can withstand a great deal of shock. Graphical illustrations on the deck can also be customized, and this makes it suitable for young skaters and college-goers.

The wheels are available in different sizes, and their hardness makes them excellent for road cruising. The bearings are not left out as they are of standard quality.

Zero Skateboards

best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Zero Skateboards is one of the foremost skateboard companies in California, well-known for its versatility and user-friendliness. The company initially started out producing only sports apparel, but later evolved into producing quality skateboards and great sporting accessories as well.

The user-friendliness and reliability of this brand are mainly credited to its great team of pro-skaters which includes Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, and Chris Wimer, amongst many others. Their boards provide great stability and control to their riders, and this makes them a perfect choice for kids and beginners.

Most of their decks are 8 inches wide and are made of seven plies of Canadian maple joined with epoxy glue, which accounts for its resistance to shock. Graphics on the decks are also well-illustrated, and they offer you a wide collection of prints to choose from.

The nature of its wheelbase and truck materials also make its boards distinctively flexible and excellent for learning tricks.

Blind Skateboards

This brand was introduced by Mark Gonzales in 1989. Being a pro-skater himself, the brand gained considerable recognition in no time. Asides from the great team of pro-skaters behind Blind Skateboards, the durability of their construction led to a massive increase in the demand for their boards.

Unlike most conventional skateboards in the market today, their boards are constructed with 8 plies of maple joined by epoxy resin. This combination greatly increased the endurance of their boards and makes them resistant to damage for a longer period.

Each board also has catchy illustrations, and you can personalize your designs to suit your preferences. The trucks are available in various sizes and the wheel specifications differ for each board.

Thanks to their rather distinctive graphics and board quality, Blind Skateboards are preferable for experienced riders. However, beginners are not left out, as the team is constantly adding to their board line to cater to all levels of riders.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Whether you are a beginner, average or professional skateboarder, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Cruz Skateboard. The brand started up in 1973 and is probably one of the oldest skateboard companies you would find around.

Over the years, Santa Cruz has maintained the quality of its boards and as far back as 2016, they have remained a solid and reputable brand. Their boards are made of 100% American maple and they are a go-to for everything skateboard-related, ranging from sports apparel to accessories. Their tees are simply elegant!

The brand is also well known to attract even non-skaters to the skating world, thanks to the magic art of the renowned artist, Jim Phillips. Their decks are a beautiful array of colors and some of their series even incorporate characters from Marvel and Star Wars.

This makes them perfectly suitable for both male and female skaters, and their boards are not heavily priced as well. Santa Cruz isn’t just art and branding, however, as you are sure to get a sturdy and tastefully finished board for a decent price at one of their stores.

Powell Peralta Skateboards

best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on amazon

Of all the recommended skateboard brands we have discussed so far, Powell Peralta is definitely one of the oldest brands that have been around. They go way back, even earlier than Santa Cruz. The brand was introduced in the early 70s, and since then, the manufacturers have stayed on top of their game by constantly improving their boards.

This brand is known for strong and durable skateboards, and what stands them out is the light, thin, and deliciously flexible nature of their boards. If you love to perform tricks and need a lightweight board that would be easy to flip, then this brand is certainly for you.

Their decks have a fiber-reinforced structure lined with epoxy resin which enhances their strength and durability. Despite the dimensions and featherweight, their boards are also known to endure rough rides and can withstand heavier weights. Their wheels and bearings are likewise top-notch and are resistant to shock.

Yocaher Skateboards

The Yocaher brand started in 1997 in the skateboarding hub of Southern California. Since then, the Yocaher team has worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as a professional and experienced skateboard manufacturer.

Their boards, trucks, wheels, and accessories are designed in-house in the USA. They pride themselves on offering high-quality products at an affordable price, all built professionally to order in the USA.

The brand also gives back to society, sponsoring various events in the skateboard community and in schools. They also have an assortment of skateboards and longboards to choose from.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard Brand

If you are just starting your skateboard journey, and you are curious as to how to choose the perfect skateboard, there are several factors to consider before making your choice. One of the great ways to start is to identify what exactly tickles your fancy when it comes to skateboard brands.

Could it be quality? Affordability? Cool graphics? Eco-friendliness? A brand with your favorite pro skaters? We could go on and on. With regards to the skateboard deck itself, let’s briefly consider some key factors to look out for.

Also, you should put your skill level and requirements into consideration before choosing a board. It wouldn’t be wise for you to invest in a brand designed for professional skateboarders, as a beginner.

Next, you should endeavor to look up reviews and ratings on various brands. This would help give you an idea of the product’s functionalities and what to expect if you eventually buy one.

Finally, you should seek out the opinion of a specialist or an experienced rider. They would give you all the necessary reviews and analyze your choices critically.

To wrap things up, you have to understand that in choosing a skateboard brand, it all boils down to your preferences. Whether it’s going to be one of the brands listed here or not, ensure you choose a board that you are satisfied with and comfortable riding on.

Here’s a rundown of the major factors to look out for when choosing the best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on Amazon.

Quality/Durability of decks

Like a recurring decimal, the quality and durability of skateboard decks are a big issue in the skateboarding world. It is of utmost importance to prioritize the quality and durability of the skateboard deck because it doesn’t make any sense to buy a board, start riding and then snap – the board gives.

Take your time to conduct some quality research on forums and boards to find out determine which brands produce the best decks. We recommend Reddit – you’ll find invaluable information there, straight from experienced riders and enthusiasts.

Most decks have a combination of wood and fiberglass for added strength and don’t forget flex. A good board should have a reasonable amount of flexibility, while still maintaining strength and durability.


When did the skateboard brand come into existence? This is a question you must attempt to answer while you are looking for the best skateboard manufacturers you can buy on Amazon. This is because most of the brands haven’t been in business for long. This means that they can vanish without warning, leaving you with a product without customer support.


This is also a big factor because there are many skateboard brands floating around on Amazon today. You should only go with brands that have established a good level of credibility and reputation, not just having lots of reviews on Amazon.

Most of the brands on Amazon are Chinese products with no presence in the US, masquerading as legit brands. Don’t make the mistake of falling for the numerous positive reviews on Amazon, as usual.

Customer Support

A good skateboard brand must have accessible customer support channels. We usually expect to see their website, phone support lines, email, and a responsive contact on Amazon.

A terrible customer support experience leaves much to be desired, and will eventually impact sales and popularity of the skateboard brand. Make it a priority to buy from an established brand with great customer support.

Skateboard Decks

When talking about the deck of a skateboard, its shape, length, and width should all be considered.

Shape: The classic popsicle is the most popular and easiest shape to ride on. Although a lot of skateboarders get used to the shape of their boards quickly, so you could try out different shapes to see what works best for you.

A little tip though: a wide nose makes it easier to do tricks, as such, if you are keen on performing tricks, look for a deck with a pointy tail and wide nose.

Width/Length: As for the width of the board, it all comes down to your personal preference. The same applies to the length.

If you are having trouble spinning your kickflips though, you should probably go for a thinner board. But if you enjoy skating on stairs, you should get a wider board.

Concave: Concave matters a lot to the rider, because how deep or mellow it is could go a long way in determining how comfortable it would be for you to perform certain tricks with your board. A deeper concave can help you flip your board faster.

Board Materials: Another important factor to consider is the quality of materials used in the board’s construction. The quality of wood used for the deck, the quality of the bearings, and also the wheels.

All these and more should be considered before you place that order, or swipe your credit card at the store.

Are there other reputable brands you think should be included here? Let us know in the comment section. If this article helped you in some way, please share it so that others will also benefit from it.

Happy skateboarding!

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