Easiest type of Skateboard to ride

Easiest Type of Skateboard To Ride

This is probably one of the most common questions asked by aspiring skaters when they are about to begin their skateboarding journey. The experience you have as a beginner is very crucial as it could go a long way in determining your impression of the sport. Perhaps you are about to head to a skate shop for purchase and you’ve been wondering what is the easiest type of Skateboard to ride, then this article is for you.

easiest type of skateboard to ride

Through the decades, skateboarding as both a sport and a recreational activity has evolved quite significantly and this evolution has led to the development of different types of skateboards. Each of these skateboards were designed to meet the demands of various riding conditions while keeping the general preferences of riders in mind. There are two main categories of skateboards today and this classification is based according to size and shape.

These two major categories are Longboard skateboards and Shortboard skateboards. Shortboard skateboards were generally designed to perform tricks while longboards, on the other hand, are best suited for cruising. Let’s briefly consider the different types of skateboards under each of these two categories, before we determine which is easiest to ride on.

Types of Skateboards


1.     Mini-cruiser Skateboards

Mini-cruisers are simply shorter versions of cruiser skateboards. They have a slim, narrow deck and are perfect for young children and teenagers. Mini-cruisers are also highly portable and can easily fit into a backpack. This feature has made it a major hit for high school students. They also feature soft wheels alongside a kick tail, and are ideal for both cruising around town as well as pulling off a few tricks.

2.     Cruiser Skateboards

easiest type of skateboard to ride

As the name implies, cruisers are perfect for short rides and transportation across town. Compared to mini-cruisers, they have bigger and softer wheels which ensures comfortable rides across rough surfaces. They also feature kick tails which makes them fast and helps the riders avoid obstacles easily.

3.     Double Kick Popsicle Skateboard

This is the standard skateboard and is currently the most popular and widely used on the market. Unlike the cruisers, these have double kick tails (one at the nose and tail of the deck) and are shaped like a popsicle. It is lightweight and perfect for beginners. It is also ideal for all types of riding.

4.     Carve Skateboards

If you’re fan of speed, this should interest you. Carves have a unique blend of characteristics from both cruisers and longboards, and this feature allows it generate its own speed with effortless pumping by the rider. It was designed with surfboards in mind and is a great option for practicing turns and deep curves.


1.     Classic Longboard Skateboard

easiest type of skateboard to ride

This is a long, stable skateboard ideal for cruising around town and fun long-distance rides. Lengthwise, longboards are usually about 33 inches or more and they are perfect for beginners because they offer a wider riding platform which makes learning how to balance easier.

2.     Downhill Longboard Skateboard

easiest type of skateboard to ride

The downhill skateboard is unique and designed for a specific purpose which is riding steep mountain roads. It features a wide wheel base and cutaway fenders which makes slides and speed control for the mountain riders easy.

The easiest type of Skateboard to ride – Which?

Now, having looked at these various types, which is the easiest type of Skateboard to ride? Perhaps you might have figured it out already: Longboards. Longboards are way easier to ride because like earlier mentioned, they offer a wider standing platform which makes it easier to balance and ensures comfort while riding.

Shortboards, on the other hand, have a little standing platform and narrow decks which makes balancing a hassle. If you subconsciously move your feet too far forward or backward, you could lose control and tip over your board.

Furthermore, longboards have bigger wheels which makes it easier to roll over cracks, bumps and rocks without interferences. Shortboards have much smaller wheels which could hang up on a rock or bump that would unexpectedly cause you to buck forward and fall, most likely onto your face. These small wheels also account for its slower speed as such, the rider would have to put in more effort when pumping.

All that said and done, let’s briefly consider some of the pressing questions that could be running through your mind.

Does Skateboarding Burn Calories? 

You would all agree that the regular routine of everyday gym workouts and trying to lose weight using cardio machines could get a little boring, especially if you are someone who loves adventure.

Skateboarding is not just a recreational activity, but it could also be used to burn off some of those calories. Skating for about an hour every day helps you lose about 300 to 500 calories and the extent of this loss is dependent on a number of factors, some of which include your body weight and rate of metabolism.

Is Skateboarding good workout activity?

Besides burning off some calories, there are several other benefits of skateboarding that would translate to you having a fitter and healthier body. Skateboarding helps to increase body balance and flexibility.

Most of the activities in skateboarding involve balancing your weight on your legs as such, it also helps to strengthen your calf and tone your leg muscles. Furthermore, it is a great form of cardio that accounts for its efficacy in calorie burnout. Skateboarding is no doubt a full-body workout as even your back muscles are being conditioned.

Is Skateboarding aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

Skateboarding is an aerobic exercise as your body would require sufficient amounts of oxygen to perform the numerous activities involved while you ride.

Is Skateboarding Dangerous?

Just like any other sport out there, skateboarding likewise has its risks. This is why its strongly advised for riders to have their protective gear on at all times. As long as you have your protective gear, use quality equipment and avoid pulling off any tricks beyond your current skill set, the risks would be reduced significantly.

However, in the case where an accident occurs and injuries are sustained, the injuries could range from mild to moderate and then to very severe cases. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Strains, sprains, and fractures to different parts of the body mostly the arms, legs, truck and neck.
  2. Face injuries, such as a broken nose or fractured jaw.
  3. Concussions and other severe head injuries.

Concluding Thoughts

We sure do hope this article was helpful and you are now properly informed on the easiest type of Skateboard to ride, as well as some other helpful tips. You can find other skateboard articles here to check out.

Do leave your feedback and comments in the section below. We will be delighted to hear from you!

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