Strongest skateboard decks

Strongest Skateboard Decks

As you already probably know, the deck is one of the most vital parts of a skateboard. Being the main area where your body weight rests, the deck of your skateboard has to compliment your riding skills as well as your body weight perfectly. If you want to find out the strongest skateboard decks, this …

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Fastest Electric Skateboards

Fastest Electric Skateboards 2021

SHARE THIS When it comes to sheer speed, all skateboards are not born equal. A lot of factors go into attaining maximum speeds achievable, including battery power, the wheels, the weight of the rider, and others. If you’ve got the adventurous spirit and don’t really mind high speeds on a skateboard, then here’s our curated …

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Best Skateboard Wheels for cruising

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

Your skateboard or longboard deck is mounted on the trucks, which are in turn mounted on the wheels. All these components are designed to propel you along. Hi guys, I’m delighted to put together this guide on the best skateboard wheels for cruising on the streets or countryside. Skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane, a …

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