How to fix a Hoverboard

How to Fix a Hoverboard – the basics

If you own a hoverboard and you’re perhaps just experiencing issues with it for the first time, no need to fret. Hoverboard owners are commonly faced with these issues once in a while. One minute you are riding happy and free, the next, that dreadful red light starts to flash. You wouldn’t want to go running off to a professional or spending those extra pennies on the purchase of replacement kits when there are simple DIY methods on how to fix a hoverboard that you can try at home.


Contrary to what most people think, hoverboards are fairly easy to work on although the basic models are justifiably easier to fix.

To ensure that your hoverboard lasts for several years to come and to keep it at its optimal status while at it, learning how to repair/maintain a hoverboard is very essential.

How to fix a Hoverboard – the general reset method

Before trying any of these quick-fix methods, however, you might also want to note that your hoverboard could only require a reset. Whenever issues arise, you should always try resetting your hoverboard first before opting for any other solutions.

How to Fix a Hoverboard

To get all the information on how to reset your hoverboard, you should hop on to one of our articles on how to reset and troubleshoot a Hoverboard. If the general reset method didn’t solve the problem, then this article is for you. Here, we would go over some common hoverboard problems you are likely to face and how to fix them without getting professional help.

By carefully following the steps that would be stated here, you can be sure to get your hoverboard working perfectly in no time!


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Common Hoverboard problems and solutions

When there is an issue with your hoverboard that requires a fix, you would be alerted by flashes of red light on the Hoverboard. Simply put, the red light is a warning light that signals something has gone wrong with your hoverboard and it requires a fix.

This red light could flash once, twice, or sometimes multiple times. The different number of times the red light flashes could actually represent a unique problem in your hoverboard. Let’s walk you through their meanings first, before we go fully into how to fix a Hoverboard.

What Does the Red Light Mean?

When the red light flashes once, it means your hoverboard might have loose wires or cables. When it flashes twice or thrice, it might be due to an internal circuit problem. If it flashes four or five times, you might need to replace the motors. When it flashes six times, you might need to replace the battery. If it flashes seven or eight times, then you might want to consider replacing the gyroscopes.

The light could also come on if:

  1. Your board’s battery is low and requires a charge
  2. The balance sensors need to be recalibrated
  3. You are testing the hoverboard upside down

 In the latter case, simply turning the hoverboard in the opposite direction would solve the problem. If that isn’t what’s ailing your hoverboard, then you don’t have to worry about how to go about fixing it because we aren’t going to leave you in the lurch. Most of these problems only require a simple fix so sit tight and let’s dig in, shall we?

Loose Wires or Cables

The cables in your hoverboard could be loose or their connection could be bad, either way, you would need to reconnect them. To do this, you start by unscrewing the bottom of your board and removing the lower part of its body (See our article for Hoverboard internal parts and diagrams). Then, you locate the main circuit board and start disconnecting and reconnecting all the wires. If this method doesn’t work, then you might need to buy a new motherboard for your device.

Internal Circuit Malfunctions and Balance Sensors

Sadly, there is no quick fix for malfunctioning internal circuits. However, rather than having to buy a new hoverboard, there are replacement kits you can purchase from your current board’s manufacturer. Internal circuit malfunctions will eventually cause your board’s balance sensors to stop working, so these two problems go hand-in-hand. If resetting your device doesn’t solve the problem, then a replacement kit is the only solution.

Wheel Motors

Wheel motors are tiny devices that are wired from the motherboard into the wheels of a hoverboard. Fixing this requires buying a new motor for the bad wheel (or wheels as the case may be), then disconnecting the old motor to attach the new one. The wheel motors usually come factory-assembled, so this is quite an easy task to carry out.

Faulty Battery

Every battery has a life span, including the ones inside your hoverboard. When yours finally runs out, all you need to do is simply buy a new one and replace it. When buying a new one, however, you need to make sure the battery you eventually go for works just fine with your model. On the flip side, you could go for a UL certified battery (UL2271). UL certified batteries are currently considered the standard when it comes to Hoverboard batteries today.

Replacing Gyroscopes

When one side of your hoverboard isn’t working, that’s most likely a faulty gyroscope at play. Now this could be quite a tricky fix. While you can handle it by yourself as the replacement alone isn’t complicated at all, you need to be extra sure that the new gyroscopes are the same kind used by your motherboard. You can do this by knowing whether your gyroscope is a male or female. If it has two receiving ports and a wire harness, it’s a male but if it has more than two receiving ports and no wire harness, then it is a female. While the color of the gyroscope isn’t of much significance, you should buy one that matches the color of your motherboard. It is however advisable to purchase a full circuit board replacement kit when changing gyroscopes, so as to avoid the occurrence of likely accidents.

Charging Problems

Hoverboard charging problems are also quite common. When you purchase a hoverboard, be sure to read and follow the instructions from the seller before charging. While charging, when your charger shows a red light, it signifies that your hoverboard is charging properly. It usually takes 2-3 hours to have it fully charged and when it is, the charger shows a green light.

Also, ensure that the 3-prong charging plug and electrical outlet are correctly matched. You should also check the electrical outlet to be sure that it has power by verifying with another device. Some likely challenges people face include:

  • Slow Charging: This often happens when you buy the wrong charger or the temperature conditions are not right. You should contact the seller or look up the product description to be sure that you are using the original charger, and also to verify the ideal charging temperature.
  • Hoverboard won’t turn on without a charger: This is the case of a battery problem. You can solve this by simply buying a new battery and replacing the old one (refer back to point 4: Faulty Battery).
  • The charger shows no light at all even when plugged: In this case, the charger could either be broken or have loose connection wires. To fix the latter, open up the back cover on the charging port side, then you unplug and re-plug all the wires again. If the charger is broken, you would have to purchase a new one.
  • Wet Hoverboard: This usually happens when you accidentally run into a puddle of water or it rained while you were riding. To fix this:
  1. Switch off the hoverboard
  2. Remove the motherboard and battery
  3. Put the smart balance wheel in a bowl of raw rice (That’s right! This trick doesn’t work for smartphones alone)
  4. Gently but thoroughly clean all the other parts with a soft cloth
  5. Let the parts dry completely, then assemble it again.

If your hoverboard works perfectly after doing the aforementioned, then you are in luck. If it doesn’t, you might need to replace some parts with new ones.


By thoroughly following the steps stated here, your hoverboard should be up and running in no time with no extra costs. In similar scenarios, you might want to reset your Hoverboard, and in extreme cases, you need to take it to a repair shop if these fail.

Check out other Hoverboard articles for reviews and buying guides. Are there more questions you have on how to fix a hoverboard? Possible feedback? We would be delighted to hear from you. Indulge us in the comment section below!

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